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Pet Relocation Services in Germany

Want to relocate your furry friend along with you? APML Germany is the best pet relocating expert in Germany offering dependable services. We ensure to make this task trouble-free for the pet owners. For a seamless transition of your pet, it is important to meet all the specific requirements including vaccinations, documentations, and microchipping; we are here to assist you with every essential thing.

To make the best travel arrangements for your pet, contact us. Our trained professionals are available to help you with all types of pet relocation procedures ensuring safe shifting of the pet to the destination. We have years of experience in arranging the best and most reliable shifting process for your pet.

Our team of experts is specialized in animal transit and we follow the necessary set of standards to ensure trusted pet relocation. We make use of every method to minimize the anxiety and stress of the clients while relocating their beloved pets. Our motive is to guarantee peace of mind to the clients.

Essential Requirements When Moving with Pets

1) Vaccinations: It is extremely important to vaccinate your pet properly. Whichever country you are moving to, make sure to read all the pet-related policies of that particular country to make sure that your pet is vaccinated with Anti-Rabies and DHPPiL (for dogs) / Tri-feline (for cats) without any gap in the recent period before your relocation. Make sure that your pet is properly vaccinated with all the vaccines that are required by the country you are moving in. Also, your pet should be vaccinated 30 days before relocation.

2) Micro-Chipping: Make sure that your pet is implanted with a microchip that conforms to ISO standard 11784 (HDX or FDX-B transmission). It must be read with the help of a reader conforming to ISO standard 11785 (source). You just need to provide this information to your vet and the rest will be done by him. This chip is useful for finding the pet if it gets lost and also helps in getting back ownership if someone else is claiming it.

3) Documents: There are certain pre-defined documents required during the shifting process including the Export permit and certain pet-related documents like health certificates. You would need an AHC from an authorized veterinarian. This certificate includes all other information such as owner’s details, rabies vaccination details, a rabies blood test, cat or dog’s description, etc. We handle all the export-related formalities on our client’s behalf for transporting the pet to another country.

4) Pet Carrier: Our pet carrier is extremely safe and properly ventilated. As per the size of the pet, we make proper carrier arrangements to make your pet comfortable during the transit. Also, we provide a proper feeding facility to your pet while traveling.

Basic Things to follow:

1) Micro-chipping the pet

2) Rabies and other Vaccinations

3) Select mode of transport (Cargo/Accompanied)

4) Documentation (takes 10-15 days)

If you need to relocate your pet from and to Germany, then get in touch with us to enjoy the numerous benefits of a trusted pet relocation service. We are keen on animal welfare, and flawless coordination with authorities and vendors, and the best rates are ideal for each type of pet relocation. Contact us to book your pet relocation services today!

Contact us to book your pet relocation services today!